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Quality right down to the last detail - consulting in and around
engineering designs: We are happy to inspect your designs
on request. Reducing costs and simplifying manufacturing
processes offer clear advantages.

We can process the following for you:

* 3D milled parts
* 3D prototypes, such as gearbox casings
* Module assembly
* Surface coating (anodising, galvanising, chrome plating,
nickel plating, burnishing)
* Stainless steel
* All kinds of plastics
* Aluminium parts, including aluminium plates and sheet aluminium
* Light metal castings, cast iron and aluminium, modelling and casting
* Machine components (including welded constructions)
* Materials that are difficult to machine (vanadium, titanium)

The following sectors and industries rely on Kromatec:

* Medical engineering
* Aerospace
* Automotive
* Motorsport
* Machine and systems engineering
* Food/chemicals
* Environmental technology

We would be happy to welcome you on a tour of our facilities
to give you an idea of exactly what we can offer customers.
Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate
to contact Mr. Kron.

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